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Battery charging / replacement

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We replace any kind of battery for phones,tablets,laptops etc…

iPhones are notorious for their batteries running out, even with the newer models like the iPhone 6. The amount of processes that we have going on inside our phones means the batteries can drain really quickly or even break.

An iPhone 6 with average usage throughout the day should last about 12 hours without charging (although this varies depending on how much you use it). It can be really annoying if you suddenly have no battery when it comes to making an important phone call or stuck on a long bus ride with no music!

Replacing the battery of an iPhone 6 is really quick and should only take us about 30 minutes while we replace the battery and then perform a quick test to make sure it’s all in working order.

All the batteries we use for replacements are of a high quality and all repairs come with a 12-month performance warranty for your peace of mind.

All old batteries we process are sent for recycling by a specialised Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment recycling (WEEE) company. We also provide the facility of recycling other small/domestic batteries so please bring them to our shop.

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