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Keyboard repair

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Laptop keyboard keys are easily broken or fell off if you don’t operate properly. Typing so hard will cause keys pop out or letter prints on the keys washed out. Missing keys is a common problem from laptop keyboard repair. It is not easy to put keys back because when the keys fell off the keyboard, usually the plastic mounting arms underneath

We keep many different models used keyboards in order to use the keys which are in good condition to replace damaged keys or install on the keyboards with some missing keys.

Spilled liquid which containing sugar such as coke, coffee, tea, juice will make keys start to stick or fail to work. In this case, we will replace the entire keyboard with a brand new one. The reason why we do not clean the keyboards with spilled drinks is sugar residue will not be totally removed underneath the key caps. If you try to use too much alcohol or other cleaner to clean it, it will cause conductive circuit inside the keyboard to lose conductivity. The symptom is there is no response from some individual keys or a group of keys.

To replacing keyboard is very easy. You can do it by yourself. Most keyboards are just held by a couple of screws which are located in the bottom of the laptop. Only one thing you need to be careful is that the ribbon cable of the keyboard and the connector on the motherboard will be broken if you force to remove the keyboard.

You may have lost a few keys, or the ones you have don’t stick to the board. You might have accidently spilt liquid over your keyboard. Keyboards are generally quite dirty places. If you have a white keyboard you’ve probably seen dirt collecting on and between the keys. Imagine what the insides look like. Hair can get jammed between the keys and if you smoke you’ll know all about ash dropping on to your equipment. We provide expert care no matter what has happened to your keyboard, no matter what computer you own.

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